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Meet me.


Well hello.  Allow me introduce my odd self.

I’m a hugger….unless you creep me out, then I’m suddenly a hand shaker.

I have a girly girl candy shell with an alternative rock n’ roll chick filling.

I have more concert t-shirts than shoes.

Where ever I am there’s always music… and it’s usually always loud.

Zombies, serial killer novels and anything Jack the Ripper make my weird little world go ’round.

I’m a mom to 2 humans and 7 furry children!

Sarcasm is my first language.  Family Guy quotes my 2nd.

I am a collector of unique and off the wall leggings (Yes, they ARE in fact pants!!)

Halloween is the greatest holiday and it should be celebrated at least 3 times a year.

Zander + Kasey = Zasey (they are my two tiny humans)

I love to read, though I never seem to have enough time.

I love tattoos and wish I had more of my own.

I am a Mac.

And most importantly…I’m thrilled that you’re here!!


  • Courtney Valenzuela - Hello, love your pictures, how much do you charge for maternity and newborn sessions? Do you offer any package deals for maternity, newborn, 6 months, 1 year?
    Thank you!

  • Meresa Fincher - I would like to know if you would be interested in looking at our salon for a few photographs that we need done by a professional. I know your Mom, Julie and we know you have photographed for Brelyn and have heard great reviews about your work. We aren’t sure about our budget. Kelly Idoux is our Salon Owner and I will let her know I sent you an email.

    Thank you,
    Meresa Fincher, Director

  • ashley mccarthy - How much do you charge for senior pictures?

  • Wala Alismail - Hello, I am interested in senior photo session, do you have any packages for that and how much do you charge?

  • Karen Study - Hello, I’m interested in senior pictures and would like to know more about options and costs.
    Thank you

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