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It happened again, for the umpteenth time….another photog outing 😀  We were a few creative geniuses short of our usual crew, no thanks to cruddy work schedules and illnesses making their way around town :/  ***knocks on wood***

The beautiful Patricia found the STUNNING Alana to be this month’s victim.  ***HIGH FIVE FIESTY P!***   So we ventured out into downtown for a little photog fun.  Here are a few of my faves from our gathering.  Enjoy the gorgeous mug!!! 🙂

I shot Kimberly’s wedding early this summer…and what a stunning wedding it was I might add 🙂 and I just fell in L-O-V-E with her dress!  Of course, I love Kimba too, as she’s one of the creative geniuses behind all of iCatching Events stunning designs!

Jason of All That Blooms whipped up this GORGEOUS bouquet for the shoot and the hairpiece is non other than a GracyLu Original!  Theresa Rocabado of My Makeup Rocks put the finishing touches on an already gorgeous face and Candi of Eye Candi Hair Designs worked her magic on all. that. hair!!! 😀

So here she is in all her bridal glory 😀  My kimba!!!

I heart you to the moon and back girly! (times infinity!)

This is my favorite bouquet shot ever!

😀  Heart. Her!


  • shalonda - WOWEEEEEEE i adore them all but the one under the bridge….eye carimba is right?!

  • Juli - What a gorgeous bride and gorgeous work. That dress is killer! I wish you had been in this biz when I got married!!

Yes, I am aware that I use the word “delicious” entirely too much.  But when it so accurately describes every single session with every single person I work with it really leaves me no other choice.  And Brelyn & Dustin were exactly that….DELICIOUS!!!

I was super stoked when my good friend Shelby introduced me to Brelyn and recommended me as her wedding photographer.  First of all…look. at. that. face.  STUNNING!  Who doesn’t want to photograph that!?!??!!  Second, she has the sweetest presence and her laugh makes me smile.  Put her honey, Dustin, in the mix and it’s an all out riot!  These two are ALL OVER EACH OTHER!!  Enter the deliciousness right there!

Dustin and Brelyn,

Thank you!  I mean, really….THANK YOU!!!  I had such a great time watching and photographing you two love one another.  It’s inspiring!  I canNOT wait for the wedding!!!  And Brelyn….I just know your bridals are going to be uh-may-zing!  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with two people such as yourselves.  Thank you for trusting me with capturing your love and freezing your memories!!!



Cue Deliciousness………..

See, that laugh…AMAZING!

Dustin is a marine biologist and the two of them share a passion for scuba diving.  So when they suggested some shots in their gear in the water, I was literally skipping and jumping for joy in my mind!!  These are my FAVES from the day!!

  • Maria - OOOBERLICIOUS!!! Such fun photos!! 🙂

Oh MAN!!!!  Yeah, that’s how you start this post off….OOOHHHHH MAN!!!!! About 6 weeks ago I had this, how do I explain, nagging voice in my head to photograph one of my favorite pieces of clothing again.  (My sis-in-law rocks btw for making such amazing stuff for me any time I need it :D….or shall I say ask for it 😛 )  So with that nagging little voice chiming in my ear I put my plan into motion.  Model, makeup, flowers, accessories, and location….all had to be mapped out to fit just perfectly.  After all, if I didn’t tame this nagging creative beast I’d never hear the end of it.

I’ve worked with this beautiful young woman before…so I knew what she could “turn on” in front of the camera….and Marissa, you completed my vision!  I asked a very close friend, Jaclyn Tremont of J. Nicole Images, to tag along for a few shots of her own and the three of us ladies had a blast!!!!  We couldn’t have asked for more Heavenly weather and light.  For. Real.  God put it all together for me so perfectly!!!

I used this same skirt in a graduate projected I orchestrated last year, which was fab in its own right, but I wanted to take it in a different direction….sort of bride meets mourning with a vintage twist.  Safiyyah Johnston of Facemaker Houston whipped up some wicked makeup and hair.  My girl Tristian of GracyLu Originals did NOT fail me on the headpieces either!!  (LOVE this woman and her wicked awesome talent)  We threw a rhinestone pin and a veil on it to finish it up and give it that bridal look I was going for.  Jewels you ask?  Why those were Charming Charlie’s of course 😀  I couldn’t have made this what it was without these incredibly talented people!!  So THANK YOU!!!

I won’t keep you from these images any longer…..please enjoy my mind now laid out for all the world to see 😀

This is probably my FAVORITE image of the entire day!  I can’t explain it…something about it just grabs at me and draws me in!  LOVE IT!

***swoon***  Thank you Marissa for being so. friggin. gorgeous!


Gotta love that creamy, buttery light on her skin.  DEEEELISH!

Yes, Tristian…you truly are amazing.  LOVE this headpiece!!!!!

***le sigh***

  • Katie Little - Amber! These are AMAZING! I love seeing your visions come to life.

  • Melanie Padgett Milton - These pictures are amazing! ….Couldn’t even pick a favorite because…I’m in LOVE LOVE with all of them!! YOU ROCK GIRL!

  • Miss M - AHHH!!! I love them soooo much!!! I had such an amazing time with you two on Saturday! The pictures are beautiful!! Your work makes me melt! Thank you Thank you Thank you for asking me to be a part of this project with you 🙂 Much love!

  • Safiyyah Johnston - WOW! They look incredible. The sun and location are perfect!! Everything really came together BEAUTIFULLY!

  • Emily Steffen - Holy amazingness!!!!!!!! I loooooove the hairpiece and the field and the door and the house and the photos….I love everything about this!! 🙂 high fives!!!! 🙂

  • Geoff Duncan - You said you needed some love… well, here it is! EPIC shoot my friend! EPIC

  • Aaron Brown - 1. All of your shots are simply amazing and 2. Marissa is stunningly beautiful.
    I love all of them yet I love love love the black and white photos. Cannot wait to see more.

  • shalonda - WOW WOW WOW!!!!! a-h-may-zing! i am in love with that first set, its eerily beautiful!!!!

  • Megan - Beatiful!! May I please ask where this location is? I love it!

Last Friday I had the opportunity to work with 3 completely different client scenarios….  My first client of the day was a sassy little 3 year old who I’ve been shooting since she was 6 months old.  My 2nd was a family of 5, consisting of Mom, Dad, Sisters and a beautiful baby girl who I’ve also been shooting since her 1/2 birthday 🙂 And I wrapped the evening with two of my favorite industry colleagues.

It was a fast paced, fun, HUMID evening….but I enjoyed the experience and challenge of shooting all 3 of these sessions within blocks of each other while trying to give each of them something different than the one before.  Sometimes the fun lies in the challenge…..but of course the fun is ALWAYS in the photography!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Laney….again 😉

(yes, those flowers smelt THAT good!)

Meet the Tingles 🙂

And last, but certainly not least, the oober delicious Corrin & Jody 😀

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S e a r c h
S e s s i o n   A g r e e m e n t
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