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Pam & Steve’s wedding this past weekend was off the chain!!!  The venue was fabulous.  The guests were fabulous.  And above all the couple was FAB-U-LOUS!!  I had a blast!!  And I am THRILLED to announce that this wedding has been invited to be featured on the Groom Sold Separately wedding blog.  So as you can imagine I am beyond stoked and am honored!!!

Pam & Steve!!!  You guys were so much fun!!  I knew from the minute I met you two this wedding was going to be a blast, and you guys did not disappoint.  I am so truly blessed to have had this opportunity to work with you and capture your special day. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity.  I hope you love these images at least half as much as I do 🙂  I look forward to the babies and the years ahead of what will hopefully be a long friendship between the 3 of us!!!

Thanks again!!

Without further ado, I give you Pam & Steve’s vintage theater wedding!!

The fabulous Ben Sassani second shot with me…he captured the following bouquet shot 🙂

Another Sassani special 🙂

Ben captured these two first dance shots….took my breath away!

The following images tug at my heart.  Pam’s grandpa couldn’t make the wedding due to medical reasons but they surprised her with a pre-recorded message during the toasts.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room 🙂  Amazing moment and the kind of stuff I live for!!!

Ah cake….payback for getting icing in the bride’s eyes ain’t so fun now is it Steve??  LOL

Venue:  Gallery M2

Hair & Makeup:  Stephanie Shely  281.748.4539

Cake:  Dacapo’s

Coordinator:  Sky Mike Events

  • Johanna Filla - beautiful work, guys! the lighting was awesome and the pics are amazing!!

  • Talina - EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! These are awesome, Amber!!!! Gorgeous shots and fabulous moments captured 🙂 🙂 I’m suuuuuper excited for my turn!!!

  • Jaycee - Dang… the pics and the couple are drop dead gorgeous!!! Please come to Belize with us when we renew our vows in 2 years!

  • andre - LOVELY Job my friend, God Bless

  • maegan - Amber! I love the shots of the bride and the groom at the alter!! They are my favorites!! :] Their first dance pics were awesome too!!

Now I’m not gonna lie.  I’m not going to sit here and type about how easy this session was for me to do.  Ok, well the session itself was easy but the nerves leading up to it were INTENSE!  I guess I can equate it to a famous tattoo artist being tattooed by another tattoo artist, or a brain surgeon operating on another doctor.  Nothing is more intimidating than working with someone who understands what you do and has a talent and style all their own.

Well, Ben Sassani is the owner and soul creative awesomeness for Sassani Photography.  My boy has got skillzzzzz!  There are VERY few people in this industry that are open and generous with any and everything pertaining to this business….and Ben is certainly one of those rare few.  Ben and I met on Facebook (after I had contacted his VERY talented wife (who makes gorgeous custom invitations and save the dates by the way) and she told him about me.)  and he hasn’t been able to get rid of me or my incessant lighting questions since 😛

Ben loaned me many hours of his time, away from his family, this past weekend to help me shoot a wedding at a dark yet beautiful venue.  Did I mention he LOANED me his time.  Who does that???  Ben does!  I am deeply indebted to him for his aid, but when he asked me if I’d take his family Christmas photos this year I absolutely said yes!  Here’s where the nerves came into play…what if they’re all blurry?  What if they hate them?  What if…..???  Plagued with doubt people (happens to the best of us).  Fortunately for me none of them are blurry…but the jury is still out on whether they like them. Ha.  I guess I’ll find out at the bottom of this post! 😀

So here they are…the GORGEOUS Thao, the oober talented Ben and their oh-so-deliciously adorable little man Kami!!!

It was truly an honor and pleasure doing this for you three.  I hope I can do it again and I can’t wait until the baby gets here!!!

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  • Jaycee - They are the perfect little family!! Everybody is gorgeous! I love them! Great job, Amber! (as always chica!!)

  • The Strickler Family » Sassani Photography - […] few weeks ago, Amber took our family pictures that we’ve been meaning to get done for so long.  For the last 2 years, I’ve stuck a […]

I shot Pamela and Steve’s wedding this past weekend and FINALLY I can post these DELICIOUS pictures!!!!!  I have seriously been dying to post these any and every where!

We started out at Gallery M2 in the Heights, which happens to be the location for their fab wedding, and made our way to her brother’s high rise condo where I faced my fear of heights in order to capture some night shots with the Houston skyline.  Did I mention that at 20 something stories up, on a windy evening, it’s even windier????  Not. Good!  😛  I must say that this girl is gorgeous!  I mean look at her!  She just turned it on as soon as I turned the camera on her.  She was incredible.  A photographer’s dream!!!

Here are a few of my faves from the shoot.  I am hard at work at a sneak peek of the wedding and hope to have something to share in the coming days!!  ‘Til then…enjoy!!!

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  • Marti - These are terrific Amber…. Totally love the ones with the skyline….

  • reggie - The b&w shot with the skyline is dope!

  • Talina - These are breath taking, Amber!! Doesn’t hurt when you combine a fab photographer with a gorgeous Pamela Blazek…oops!…it’s Pamela Hazen now!!! 🙂

  • Johanna Filla - Those are STUNNING! You constantly AMAZE me! wow!

I am sooooo behind on blogging all of my recent sessions.  It’s just been so insanely busy with two kiddos getting the stomach bug over the past week and with shoots every day I’ve just gotten behind.  To those of you who have yet to be blogged…thanks so much for your patience.  I promise to have your GORGEOUS mugs up on here for all the world to see VERY soon!!

In the mean time I got to photograph two of my most favorite kiddos ever!!  I’ve been shooting these two since Claire was about 5 months old 😀  Well it was Christmas and birthday picture time again so we grabbed a couple of candy canes….a few fave toys…and headed off for some photo fun!

When I first met Andrew, his momma warned me that he was EXTREMELY shy and to not get my feelings hurt if he doesn’t talk to me because he doesn’t talk to anyone.  Well if you’ve been following this blog for a while you know the story about the fishing comment I made that WON him over!  He was a non-stop flow of conversation from there on out 🙂  It has been such a blessing to watch these two grow up in front of my camera!  I have seen Andrew go from the quiet little boy who didn’t even want to take an M&M from me to what you are about to see.  Claire honestly took me by surprise at how much she has changed since her first year pictures just under a year ago 🙂

Shelby, I can’t thank you enough for always counting on me to photograph your babies.  I love those two very much!!

p.s. I thought with Thanksgiving just around the corner this was the proper post to start the blog binging to get you into the holiday spirit!!  BRING ON THE TURKEY!!!!


Amber 😀
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And sometimes it’s about keeping the client happy 🙂 …. a little behind the scenes shot of the HARD work that goes into being a model 😉

Shy little boy???  I think NOT!

If Bubba does it then Sissy has to too!!! 😉

Then at some point it just STOPS being fun 🙁

I absolutely ADORE these 3 images!!!!!!

The birthday girl!!! <3

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S e a r c h
S e s s i o n   A g r e e m e n t
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