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Aaaaahhhhh babies!!!  Yep, another one.  Sooooo not good for me in my current “baby fever” state but oh so delicious to photograph!!!

I had the IMMENSE pleasure of photographing this sleepy little bundle of awesomeness last week and I just fell. in. love. with those lips!!!  He slept almost the entire time I was shooting.  I literally could pick him up from one basket and move him over to another pillow and he barely even noticed.  He was a complete piece of cake! 😉  It just melts my heart going through these photos…as well as any of my newborn sessions….looking at these sweet innocent faces.  So loved.  So beautiful.  And so sweet!

I won’t keep you from this sweetness any longer.  Here is baby Tanner…..11 days old 😀 and 110% scrumptious!

See what I mean???  Look at those lips!!!!

Awake…for just a minute 😉

My husband has coined a little phrase for me lately.  “Creative Yawn”.  Now when you first hear those words they come across as an insult, when in fact it’s his way of saying that these little projects I do for myself are a quick little stretch…a yawn have you…just to keep the creative juices flowing.  And I think he’s right.  Now while this is by far the single most amazing job on the planet, it can sometimes seem like you’re always shooting for others and never doing anything for yourself.  I never want to get bored with capturing life.  I want every time I pick up my camera to be an exhilarating experience….and I feel that in order to do that there is a necessity for stretching yourself creatively or just shooting something for you and nobody else.  I think every photographer’s biggest fear is the fear of becoming stagnant and predictable.  And believe me….it’s easy to do.  So here’s to many, many more creative yawns and hopefully to continuous growth for me 😀

Now enough blabber….on to the story of these images….

I met the fab Miss Amy my first semester of grad school in a photography class 🙂  She has such a unique sense of style and warm personality that I knew she was definitely someone I’d love to have the opportunity to work with….and yay, that opportunity finally came!  Stephanie Shely (the makeup artist responsible for the beautiful Pamela’s bridal hair and makeup I shot recently) was gracious enough to lend her talented hands to this project.  It really wasn’t about anything in particular other than just a pretty face, cute clothes and fun (which is ALWAYS required when I work!!) **wink** I shot these back on December 19th and Amy has been waiting so patiently behind my paid client work to see these.  Being a photographer herself she knows the ins and outs of our obligations and that sometimes, unfortunately, our “fun shoots” have to take a back seat for a short time.

Well Amy, here are some of my favorites my love.  Thank you so much for taking the time from one of your weekends off to spend it with me and my camera!  It was incredible fun and we will certainly do it again!!  xoxo~ Amber

Ladies and gents….I introduce to you December’s creative yawn! 🙂

She laughs.  A LOT! 😀

We honestly had waaaay too much fun!

Two of my personal faves 🙂

  • Emily Steffen - HOLY Gorgeous! And I LOVE that yellow hat! 🙂 You are amazing, my friend! 🙂

  • Stephanie - She is gorgeous and I love her style! You did an awesome job Amber!!

Derek & Brandi are fabulous!!  There’s absolutely no other way to put it.  I met these two thanks to the fab folks at iCatching Events and when we discovered we both had boxer dogs, we instantly connected!

They traveled to Belize for their nuptials back in November so we got together in December to spend some quality time taking photos of just the two of them in their beautiful wedding attire, in a beautiful field, on a beautiful cloudy day (days like this are what we photographers hope for!)

I was honestly blown away by Brandi’s dress.  I loved everything about it from the style, the material all the way down to the pockets!!  Yes, this girl’s dress was seriously awesome!!!  And Derek…well let’s just say he was rockin’ like Mr. GQ in that fabulous linen sut!  These two wanted to capture who they are and their love for one another.  Lucky for me that was EASY!  Their love is everywhere….from the way Derek looks at Brandi to the gentle touches they share.  This experience left me giddy!!  I seriously kept telling them how awesome they are 😀 !  It was so wonderful to be apart of that and not only to experience it but to be able to capture it forever as well 😀

Derek & Brandi,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Y’alls story is heart warming, your love is inspiring and your personalities are so inviting!  It was such an honor to be able to do this for you and I am beyond stoked that we get to work together again in a couple of weeks!!!  You two are both a blessing to each other…..never lose that passion you have.  It’s magical!!



And here you are ladies and gentleman….Mr. & Mrs. Meyer!!  😀

  • corrin - These pics are so awesome…some of your best work! Love them!

  • Jaycee - Gorgeous!! And loving the new softness you are applying. Great job, Amber. You are Da Bombdiggedy!!

  • Brandi - These are amazing and I love the video! How am I ever going to choose my favorites!

  • Jenn - These pics are FAB guys!! WOW!! Great JOb Amber! I feel the LOVE

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