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Persian weddings have without a doubt become one of my absolute favorite types of weddings to photograph.  And each time I get the opportunity to work one with Ben on one I can’t help but get excited by the details of each wedding that awaits.  If you’d like to see the official post, hop on over to Ben’s blog and check it out!

Here are a few faves from what I captured.


2015-08-11_0057 2015-08-11_0058 2015-08-11_0059 2015-08-11_0060 2015-08-11_0061 2015-08-11_0062 2015-08-11_0063 2015-08-11_0064 2015-08-11_0065 2015-08-11_0066 2015-08-11_0067 2015-08-11_0068 2015-08-11_0069 2015-08-11_0070 2015-08-11_0071 2015-08-11_0072 2015-08-11_0073 2015-08-11_0074 2015-08-11_0075 2015-08-11_0076 2015-08-11_0077 2015-08-11_0078 2015-08-11_0079 2015-08-11_0080 2015-08-11_0081 2015-08-11_0082 2015-08-11_0083 2015-08-11_0084 2015-08-11_0085 2015-08-11_0086 2015-08-11_0087 2015-08-11_0088 2015-08-11_0089 2015-08-11_0090 2015-08-11_0091 2015-08-11_0092 2015-08-11_0093 2015-08-11_0094 2015-08-11_0095 2015-08-11_0096

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